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THE KEEPER'S VOW                                                                                                                                  BY B.F. SIMONE

Goodreads Summary                                  5 STARS!!!
From the day he showed up on her front porch, he desperately needed three things: a new beginning, a place to belong, and someone to stand beside him.
By the time she figured that out, it was too late.
In a world where being half-vampire is a dark secret that tears families apart, 16 year-old Katie Watts must untangle the web of lies that is her so-called life. No one is who she thought they were. Her father is keeping secrets, and everyone knows the darker truth except her. She has no direction, no answers, and—when she searches for the truth—no home.
As the web untangles, the truth pulls Katie and Tristan closer together they find themselves connected in more ways than she can believe. But—is honesty worth more than blissful ignorance? Can she live with the truths that begin with her dead mother and end with The Keeper’s Vow?


This book was amazing!!! The start was pretty straight forward and the author managed to skip the dramatics. It's action packed and thrilling from the very start with never a dull moment. I loved all the characters and the author did a great job at describing them. The plot was complex with a lot of shocking revelations throughout the book.

Tristan and Katie- SWOON!! I absolutely adore these two and they were absolutely hilarious especially that part when Katie had put a shirt that was too tight on! I was laughing throughout that scene. Stuff happened with Tristan as we discovered his past and i felt so bad for him. I loved that there love story was not from the start-they worked through problems and came out together in the end.

I really did not see the Larry part coming or the ending but it was absolutely well written. Katie was a selfish protagonist and i did get irritated with her but then i realized that this is what the author wanted all along. Katie's selfishness was one of the main catalysts of the plot and there was a kind of self-discovery thing going on as Katie rose above her selfishness. There were times when everyone wasn't talking to her, i wanted to crawl under the bed of her, i kept asking myself how she was going to get out of this. But Katie managed to stay strong and put everything right.

Overall this is definitely one of my favorite books-so good i read it one sitting last night!! and i cannot wait to read more of Tristan and Katie!! 

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