TITLE: Redemption From Ashes
AUTHOR: Megan Linski
SERIES: The Kingdom Saga Book 3
PUBLISHER: Gryfyn Publishing
SOURCE: ARC from author

Goodreads Summary

Her destiny will cost her everything.

It has been three years since Queen Bennua last saw the devil himself flee her borders, and her kingdom warily stands watch. Sahrahn has fallen into chaos, with rumors of countries being flattened at the wrath of Akshalad, the great eagle who seeks to devour the souls of men. Cities burn, entire communities are slaughtered, and Bennua’s faith in Alshams’ is shaken to its core as she witnesses cruelties beyond all imagining. With her beloved Raider Prince by her side, Bennua finds that she is to play a crucial role in a great battle between djinn, men, and angels, a fight that will determine the fate of the world. Carrying the future of Sahrahn, Bennua’s only hope is not revenge...but redemption.

Bennua has lived for three years knowing that her kingdom and herself are far from safe. Sorrow plagues her family when they realize that a curse is upon them, one that ensures the newborns do not survive. She knows Rukuh is planning something big but she could never expect the extent to which he would go for his hatred. Bennua looses everything and yet finds that she is the only one who can protect the whole lands. As her journey to discover the truth about herself develops, she discovers that she is a way more important figure in the war than she could ever have imagined. With Zahid, her trusted servant, Nuri, and her djinn friend, Bennua will have to win over the other sultans and lead the war against Akshalad.

Megan Linski has seriously done it again! I can't even describe my feelings for this book! Three years after we left Bennua and Zahid, coming back to them felt like we were actually revisiting them! The characters have become so real that it was easy to imagine them taking a life of their own and that we weren't simply reading their story but rejoining them at a moment of their life!

Bennua shows proof of immense strength in this book. She is really what a queen needs to be, she fights for what she believes in. I hated that the other sultans did not trust her because she was a woman but Bennua's ability to surpass their expectations really left me cheering her on, I loved that she never felt like she had to prove herself to them, she only needed Zahid's faith in her!

The author did an amazing job at revealing all the secrets in this book. The magic didn't totally overpower the main theme which is war but contributed greatly. We finally got to see the mystery behind Nuri and there are so many aspects that come into play that you could never have imagined, so many twists you never saw coming! I LOVED the playful banter between Zahid, the flying carpet and the djinn, it was just so cute!!!

There was so much loss in this book and a lot of heartache...We get to learn more about the djinns and the book once again becomes an adventurous journey that i really enjoyed. Saying it was action-packed is an understatement. There was this scene where Bennua went through something so atrocious i couldn't even-i couldn't even read that scene without my stomach clenching especially when Zahid was in tears.

I read a tiny expert from book 4 at the end of the book AND OH MY GOD KILL ME NOW I NEED IT SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!! I honestly thought this series was over but that little extract? That tiny little thing Megan decided to torture us with? IS PURE GOLD!!! This series is taking a turn for modernism where we encounter the same characters but in our world!!! AND I GET THE FEELING WE GET TO WATCH THEM FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN!!! It will be so awesome to see how they join to the Bennua and Zahid we know so far.

Overall a GREAT yet bittersweet ending because Bennua has lost a lot but seriously i cannot get over that teaser for Book 4! 


Hi everyone! So since i don't have any reviews scheduled for the next couple of days i thought i would so some fun tags! I found this tag @ Crazy For YA and i thought it was super fun and wanted to give it a try so here goes :P

What is your most inexpensive and expensive book? (I'm not taking into consideration ebooks)

Inexpensive would be Angelfall by Susan EE, there was a sale going on + my loyalty card i paid only Rs100!

Most expensive would definitely be Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge! Ever since i saw the cover i was totally obsessed and got this idea in my head that i would own this book in hardcover, obviously they didn't have it here so i had to order it online+shipping it came to about Rs 800, that's really expensive here. (about $23 i think) I don't regret it one bit-it's my guilty pleasure :P

What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Tough one! But i'd definitely have to go with Pippa Dacosta! She's one of my absolute favorite authors ever! I love her writing and her books, especially The Veil Series! Her characters are so alive and real and in each book there was an death-worthy cliffhanger! *Thank god i bought the complete box set*! The ending of the veil series didn't finish with the guy i like getting the girl( hence the love-hate although hate is a pretty strong word...) so i'm SUPER bummed about that, still can't get over it but i just can't get enough of this series despite that! Her characters have a way of crawling into your heart and never coming out! Her books mad me want to rip my hair out and cuddle the books to my heart! And now i'm going totally crazy because she started a new series and some of the characters from the veil will be returning! I'm going mad with anticipation!!!!

Anyway here are her books i've read!


What book have you devoured again and again with no shame?

It's a big fat tie between the wicked lovely series by Melissa Marr and the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I could reread these books forever!!!

The Wicked Lovely Series (Especially Ink
Exchange and Radiant Shadows) is so gritty and dark and magical-perfection.

The Lux series-do i really need to explain? Let's
just say the "Douche canoe" in the book has me saying "holy alien babies" in a swoon voice most of the time :P

What books have you neglected reading due to laziness?

Okay easy, that would be the harry potter series! I've had the books for as long as i remember and only read the first two, then the movies came along and i never made a move to keep going with the books but i'm always telling myself i have to..but then i just get sidetracked by other books and i just push it to the back of my head until the next time I remind myself i have to read it :P

What book do you talk about most in order to sound like an intellectual reader?

Without a doubt, it would be Game Of Thrones by George R. Martin! Whenever i talk about the events of the book, who betrayed who, who is related to who etc i feel super smart to have remembered the people making up a whole court! Of course sometimes i make mistakes :P

What attributes do you find attractive in male characters?

Okay i'm into bad boys! Dark, passionate, broken and complex, not open open book characters. They can't be the "perfect" guy as in nice with no vice (ooh that's catchy!!!) If they're a little cocky that's fine because they're challenging and funny at the same time! Physical i love neck-length inky black hair and any eye color <3
let's try this combo! i put together a little collage! Damon's looks and cockiness, Maven's broken character, Irial's dark and enticing personality (he is after all the king of the king of the dark court) and Daemon's protectiveness, arrogance, sweetness and looks! *sigh*

What books would you like most to receive as a gift?

There are four books i'm craving equally right now!!
There are two books by Pippa Dacosta, first book 2 of city of fae (i put the cover of book 1 above but they haven't released the cover for book 2 yet) and the other is Chaos Rises, her spin off from The Veil Series (not out yet).

Next is Whisper The Dead By Alyxandra Harvey Book 2 of the Lovegrove Legacy! I read book 1 and absolutely LOVED it (find my review here) and now i'm desperately trying to save some money to order it so i can match my paperback of book 1, I am refraining from getting the kindle version :P

And lastly is The Iron Warrior by Julie Kagawa, that cliffhanger in book-i can't even explain it. I've been waiting for more than a year to get this paperback (again to match my collection, i know it's an obsession :P) and since it's just recently come out i'm giving the shop one more month to get it on their own if not i'm emptying my  pockets to order it...

Okay well that's it guys! I had so much fun doing this and i tag everyone out there who would like to try this tag out! Let me know in the comments what you think and be sure to comment your links if ever you try this out!


Hello everyone!! So i was watching some Booktube videos and i found the one's where Booktubers say wich books they have abandoned and i really wanted to share with you guys! Please don't get offended if it's a book/series you like but be sure to comment below!

Okay so book 1

A thousand Nights By E.K. Johnston! Okay so i received the ARC from Netgalley a few months back, and i was sooo excited to have been approved because i've heard A LOT of hype about this book...But i was just so disappointed. I don't know if maybe it's because i'd just finished The Wrath & The Dawn, which is also a retelling (find my review here) and it was just amazing, i couldn't help but compare it to this book. But ultimately i don't think that's the reason because i've read loads of different versions of a fairy tale and i do compare them but it doesn't usually affect my whole view of the book. So basically this book's plot was super intriguing and super promising, the beginning was okay but i just had such a hard time following the story.  Basically it's about this King who kills all his wives and he is now at his 300th! (talk about polygamy :3) Yeah so anyway, this girl becomes his 300th wife instead of her sister and whadya know she lives! I had so much trouble relating to any of the characters because first if all they don't have names-only the king does, not even the female lead. Plus the story seriously dragged on and i just couldn't go through with it..i couldn't even type a review...

Then It's the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver

The concept of a dystopian society where love is said to be a disease is definitely unique and intriguing! I wouldn't say i ADORED Delirium (Book 1) but i did like it a lot and jumped straight into the next book...*cue headache* It seriously went drastically down from book 1...anyway i made myself read it till the end because i really wanted to know what happened but once i was done i was just so exhausted. The characters had gone completely downhill and so did the story..i did not and i don't think i ever will rejump into this series...

Then i've got the Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray

I've always wanted to read Libba Bray's work and i heard that this series was amazing so when i found the first two books at the shop, i got them immediately! I LOVE THEM!! Absolutely amazing books i could not get enough of! So i started saving some money to order book 3 to match my paperback collection (yes i'm one of those people). AND THEN SOMEONE FORGOT TO PUT A SPOILER ALERT ON THEIR REVIEW! I was just browsing some review when i came across a spoiler that literally ripped out my whole interest in book 3 and the series...thank god i hadn't ordered it yet...i don't know if i should thank the person for stopping me from wasting my money on something i would be disappointed in or be angry because i can no longer love this series like i once did.. So yeah i am abandoning book 3 because i know if i do read it it will totally taint my views on the first two books...

The next one, i'm sure a lot of people will hate me for this-and i'm really sorry but i can't help it!

Yep Shadow and Bone By Leigh Bardugo...

Judging by the HUMONGOUS 5 star ratings for this book on Goodreads, i can imagine your reaction to me right now :3

I won't say this book was bad, It's just that i totally lost interest in the ending, i didn't really care or was particularly excited to find out what happens next so i don't think i'll be continuing this..It wasn't bad, i just couldn't see that OMIGOD THIS IS GOLD factor that everyone else seems to be seeing in this book...Plus there was this irritating aspect of Vanity that kept resurfacing in the book, having nothing to do with the plot, that kept getting on my nerves. But there is still a chance i might continue in this series but definitely not the coming for now..

Next up, i'm pretty shocked myself because it's a series by JENNIFER L, ARMENTROUT

I know *slaps forehead* i feel the exact same way, but i can't help it...

This series is awesome, i was hooked and read it till the beginning of Apollyon.  Then it started to get boring and i just couldn't keep going so i stopped and totatally forgot the series (compared with the lux series which i've read literally more than seven times!) So as i was rereading Obsidian, i thought i should probably give this series a second chance. To refresh my memory-it was a good 1 and half months later, i started the series again, i was again swept up into this awesome universe and absolutely loved it and reconnected with the KICKASS characters! And then when i reached Apollyon i got bored again :3 i just could not keep going..i know, i know there's only 1 book left i should go through it but i just lost interest completely! And that makes me really sad! But knowing me, in another year i'll probably give it another try and then stop at Apollyon again so yeah..

There are more books i';ve given up one, these are just my top 5, comment below and tell me which books/series you've given up on! Oh and please if The Grisha Trilogy does actually get better-let me know i might bump it up on my TBR!


TITLE: Discovery
AUTHOR: Kristin Ravelle
SERIES: The Iron Web Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: October 21 2015
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
SOURCE: Free copy from author in exchange for honest review

Goodreads Summary

Bryn’s never been a regular sort of small town Welsh girl. She’s intrigued with ancient manuscripts, scrolls, and arcane secret books. When Penrith University library acquires the mysterious N800 texts, being junior librarian gives her quick access to the texts and she starts to spend all her spare time studying their strange and frightening message.

The very secretive Luxent is also interested in the N800. Daveithe draws Bryn into the underground group as they fear that One Earth Dynamic, the global agency that tracks all human life, has insidious ties to an ancient evil written about in the N800 and they need her help to expose it.

Terrifying secrets about One Earth Dynamic are brought to light when gorgeous OED fugitive, Curran Reithe, runs to Luxent for sanctuary. And Bryn’s strange ability to throw condensed light becomes a weapon in a growing struggle for supremacy between natural earth magic and other worldly forces as new truths emerge.

But Bryn’s rising emotions for Curran and learning the horrifying reality of the OED can only lead down one road, and that goes straight into an ancient and evil web.

Bryn is fascinated by the N800 texts that ate available at the library where she works. She also has a special power, something her grandmother once taught her. She is able to channel her inner light and project it like a lazer and Daveithe wants to recruit her to join the Luxent, a community dedicated to finding out the truth behind the control of the society, the OED. With her birthday nearing, Bryn will have to get her ID from the society and forever become another blip on their radar and live knowing that all her actions are monitored. Bryn's curiosity drives her to find out what exactly the OED wants before she gets her ID and loses her freedom.

This was a really interesting read with a unique concept. There's this virus that has been spreading but the only way to destroy them is with Bryn's light and despite the fact that she is wary of the Luxent, she teaches them her technique. She discovers that the Luxent isn't some small rebellion but a worldwide network of rebels that work together to find out the truth behind the OED. The questions aren't answered in this book so you can definitely expect a book filled with suspense and mystery!

I really liked Bryn's determination and curiosity. She wasn't just content in letting the OED control her life but rather got involved in a rebellion that her own mother was trying to fight against. The more she spends time with the group, the more she learns about her society and finds out that the OED is an orchestrated network that goes deeper than she could ever had imagined!

As for the side characters, they were pretty well-developed.  They all were unique and added to the plot except for the two male leads. I can't say it's a love triangle but Curran, as a the male lead, was a little under-developed. He's a convict running away from the OED and has recently lost a friend to them and sometimes you could feel his pain but i felt like we didn't know him enough...that's my only negative for this book.

The romance was not the main part of the story, it was more of a background idea that the author brought up but i found myself more intrigued with the discoveries than the romance. The ending was definitely cliffhanger-worthy but it was also a perfect solution to all the problems!

 I can't wait to see how Bryn's life turns out! I think the second book will focus more on the romance and hopefully we'll get to know Curran a bit more...other than that it was an entertaining read and fully gripping for dystopian lovers!