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~ Kira Sutherland ~

After a near fatal accident (and getting cheated on by her 'boyfriend'), and beating up the lead cheerleader (with whom the boyfriend cheated...), and being labeled as having 'issues' in her school because she, uhm, sees ghosts, Kira is left with two choices:

1. Continue her 'therapy' (where she's told the ghost is a hallucination and also gets her legs ogled too often...)


2. Go to Starkfield Academy, a boarding school for "Crazies and Convicts" (as the social media sites call them.)

She chooses the latter...

~ Cory Rand ~

Cory Rand has not had an easy life. His mother died in a car accident when he was twelve, and so did his mother's best friend...sort of. You see, Janice made a promise to take care of Cory just before she died, and so she lingers. Undead. A ghost that watches out for him.

Brought up in an abusive home, Cory quickly falls into a life of disreputable behavior. After his third offense (which was prompted by a girl, as usual - he has a weakness) he's left with two choices:

1. Be tried as an adult and share a cell with a guy named Bubba (he thinks...)


2. Go to Starkfield Academy, which Cory is pretty sure is run by vampires. But, hey, at least he'll get an education.

He chooses the latter...

It's at Starkfield that Kira meets Cory Rand, a boy with an insatiable Rage who sees ghosts, too. As well as other things, other things from his past, things that confuse him, things like fire and witches and demons.

Things he's always ignored.

Until now.


Young Adult Romance
Paranormal Romance
High School
Vampires, Demons, Witches
Dark Fantasy

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Author Bio

R P Channing started writing three years ago, but never published anything even after churning out over a million words of fiction. Thirst: Blood of my Blood is the first book he dared to publish. When asked why, he said, “Because it’s the first thing I wrote that my wife actually enjoyed reading.” When not hammering away (most literally) at his keyboard, he can be found buried in a book, reading anything from romance to horror to young adult to non-fiction to comedy.

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The Puppy Eyes

My life was perfect.
I had the perfect shoes and the perfect friends and I lived in the perfect house. My nails were perfect and my hair was perfect (except on Sundays, it was always windy on Sundays) and I had the perfect clothes. My lips were a perfect red and my hair perfectly straight. My eyeshadow was perfect, my hips were...okay, and my waist...well...also okay. Nothing was wrong in my life.
But then there was Jack.
Jack was a problem.
He needed to go. I mean, when you’re dead, you’re dead! I had told him this endlessly. Somehow, Jack didn’t get it. I mean, I felt sorry for the guy. Sure. Being stuck between this life and the next. But just because I found him, does that mean I needed to keep him?
I think not!
Sadly, when Jack got that look in his eyes, that weary, almost teary (if his tear-ducts worked) look, I melted. I just couldn’t send him away. Not even Jack knew where he would go after he died.
Would he, like, die? As in — dead, nada, kaput, finito, gone, no more? Bye bye, sayonara, ciao, hasta la vista baby and all that?
I couldn’t have that on my conscience. No way.
I lay on my bed, wondering what to do about him. “Jaaaaaaack,” I hollered.
Still no answer.
His eyes rolled down to the ground. He was making those puppy eyes again. “Jack, I told you not to do that. I told you not to play on my sympathies.”
His puppy eyes became worse.
His skin was gray and, well, dead.
“Oh, brother,” I said. “I have to do something about you. If mom finds out I have another ‘imaginary friend’ — at my age — well, I’d die of embarrassment. But, like, really die. Not like you.” I wondered about this. Would I die? Was Jack a freak accident, or did all people live on like him? Think of the cemeteries...
The idea excited me somewhat.
What would you have me do, Miss Kira?
“Knock off the Miss Kira crap. I told you it’s just Kira.”
Yes, Miss Kira.
The dead. There’s just no reasoning.
“Fine, Miss Kira it is then.” Rover barked like a lunatic in the garden. No one else might be able to see Jack, but I was sure my dog could.
“I have to do something about this,” I mumbled.

The Rat

Mike knocked on the door before I had time to leave the house. Mike was the guy I thought (at the time) was perfect.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me, baby.”
Baby, urgh — I wasn’t his baby. I dated Mike because he was the quarterback, because girls are supposed to like the quarterback, because it’s just so darn perfect to be seen with the quarterback, like we’re brainwashed into thinking these things from the first romantic doll set mom buys us.
This was my previous life.
“Uh-huh. Gonna let me in?”
So you can try rub me up and then complain when I don’t let you? This, dear reader, was the big problem with Mike. The second we first kissed, his hand went way too far south for me to be comfortable — and I pulled back.
Mike suddenly wasn’t so perfect.
“Uhm, I was just on my way out,” I said.
“Kira? C’mon, open the door.” He sounded upset. “Is there someone in there with you?”
Boys. As if.
I didn’t know much about love (nothing, actually) but I knew this wasn’t it.
“Uhm, now’s not the time, Mike.”
“C’mon, Kira, what’s going on?” He banged harder.
When in doubt...lie. I opened the door a crack. “There’s a dead rat in the house, Mike. Been here for days. I gotta go get some detergent and stuff to handle the stench.”
Mike stepped back. He peered through the crack of the door.
“It’s really bad,” I said.
“I’ll drive you.”
“I’m afraid the smell” — I stuck my armpit to my nose — “has found its way all over me. I’ll drive myself.”
“O — okay. Fine.” And then he grinned like he wanted something. “Later? My place?”
Urgh. “Uhm, Not sure when though.”
I fought the urge to roll my eyes. According to girls at school, he was apparently so damn good looking — theoretically. But for me personally, he did nothing. Moved nothing. Twisted nothing. “Look, I gotta go, Mike. I gotta — ”
“Kira.” His eyes grew stern. “You’ve been avoiding me...”
Bingo! Well done contestant number one! And what have you won? A brain!
I tilted my head. “Mike, look, this...rat — I need to deal with it. We’ll talk later, okay? Bye.” I closed the door, not waiting for an answer, and peered out the peep hole. Mike hung around for a second, shoulders wide and eyes glaring straight at me through the door. Could he see me? Did he know I was looking at him?
He kicked something off the ground, and I had the distinct impression he mouthed the word Bitch before leaving. But I wasn’t sure...

The Mack

“Roll down the window, Jack.” Jack was recently dead, so he still had a smell about him. (Which only I could smell...)
I had purposely skipped breakfast. Maybe Jack would help me lose weight. I was (still am) a little wide, although it had never stopped guys flirting with me. I know how to dress.
But I could be skinnier.
Lucy Rogers was skinny. All bones and no boobs.
Charlene Carverton was a babe. Cheerleader. Big chest (which she pushed out generously with a push-up — if only guys knew). Toned thighs. Charlene only dated college boys (back then), which I still think is pretty gross for a girl her age.
He’s not for you,” Jack said out the blue.
This...Mike — he’s wrong for you, Miss Kira.” For all Jack’s faults (mainly, being dead), he has a good heart. Factually, probably it’s why I kept him around at first.
“You think I don’t know that?”
Then why don’t you dump him?
I braked at a stop sign. Looked left and right. “Because I’d look like an idiot. I flirted with him and showed interest, and one kiss later I can’t stand the sight of him.”
So dump him.
“It’s not that simple. Kids at school — they can be vicious. I have to let it fade slowly. If I drop the bomb on him, I’ll never hear the end of it through senior year.”
“And you care?”
Yes, I did. Forget Guantanamo, schools are rough. “You don’t understand, Jack. Maybe school was different in your day. But in mine, well, we walk through metal detectors.”
Schools weren’t too different in my day.” I noted the sadness in his voice.
“You okay?”
I’m dead.
Right. “You miss...your life?”
Jack shrugged. “I like being with you, Miss Kira. And I don’t remember much of my life. I think I’m in limbo.
Yes, like I have some unfinished business. If only I could is...” He scratched his head.
“Any ideas?”
Well, it can’t be love. If it were love, I’d be a vampire. That’s who teenage girls fall in love with these days.”
“A vampire? That’s just what I need — two undead beings stalking me.”
I feel I have something to do around you, Miss Kira. I don’t know what, but something. Something important.
I looked over at him. “Me?”
I was still looking at him when I missed the stop sign.
The Mack truck drove straight into us.


Dream of Me by A. Star
(The Djinn Order #2)
Publication date: January 19th 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Steampunk

Glory St. Pierre never thought so many lies could hold so much truth, especially when her entire life has been one of those lies. Now that she knows who she really is, she must find a way to come to terms with it before the Djinn sorcerer Rasputin and his steel army descend down upon the human and Djinn realms, wielding magic so dark even her own Djinn lover, Irving, is wary of it.

Their only hope to save the realms are a couple of hunters and the Lords of the Djinn Order, four powerful Djinn who have remained elusive for centuries. Armed with her only granted wish, a fabulous airship, and the Djinn she loves by her side, Glory will embark on a quest to find the four lords and enlist their help. But there is a reason the lords have been in hiding, and once this tiny band of adventurers awakens them from their slumber, they will set off a chain of events that has been in the making since the beginning of time.

There is no turning back now.


(Book 1 - Wish For Me - will be 99¢ the week of the tour!)

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A. Star is a fan of dirty passion. She loves to read it, and she damn sure loves to write it. She is the author of the Mythos: Gods & Lovers series and the Djinn Order series. She is a night-owl and a coffee junkie, and the only sneaker she would be caught dead wearing are Converses.

Author links:

Dream of me has exceeded my expectations by far!

I was so happy to follow Glory's adventures with the hot and sexy Irving! With a funny, sarcastic and loud mouthed protagonist like Glory, you're bound to have an entertaining journey! I really liked that Glory has never been and never will be the sappy kind, The author really breaks the mold with this book because normally it's the girl that commits and the guy is the hard one to bind but in this one, Irving is the one that is already in love with Glory. Se doesn't fake the fact that she doesn't LOVE LOVE him yet, is always upfront with him and isn't swayed by his looks or his power. She doesn't jump headfirst into their relationship but really evaluates her situation. That being said, she also shows a tremendous amount of courage as she battles her own hurt feelings and tries to hang on to Irving.

The plot, just like the first one was fast paced and super entertaining! Twist after twist, the author keeps taking us by surprise! I am really liking Edwin! Maybe we'll get a short novella from his POV, he seems to me like a big brother type and he's just so sweet!!!!And we finally get to meet Maya Khan! She is quite lively and super sweet! I really want to see how their relationship progresses!

Ada is seriously getting on my nerves! I get her role as this badass tough princess but just what is her deal? I get the feeling she's more involved in the war than the author is letting on. I keep thinking that when the curtain rises, Ada will be revealed as the villain all along!

Glory's aunt is the BEST EVER! She's is like an older version of Glory with a sharp mouth and a passion for swearing! She seems more like Glory's best friend than an adult figure but that's just how i like her! Glory's mother is KICKASS! Cold, ruthless and deadly but she loves her daughter!

I am so excited to see how it all goes down! The before last chapter is from Irving's POV and i gotta say, my heart stopped. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! I cannot wait till the battle starts and Rasputin dies or does he?  Throughout the book i kept feeling that there is another side to the story that has not been unveiled yet and till the end i still feel that there are loads of secrets left!


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Over 400 Pages
Standalone Novel
New-Adult Romance / Sports Romance

By Rachel Dunning

Expected Release Date:
March 2016

What’s it about?

The Debt Collector

I pay my debts, and I expect others to.
I was raised in the slums of London, I knew nothing of privilege. My father was murdered when I was seventeen. Morty figured my father's passing meant I would automatically take on dad's debts. I refused.
And I paid for that refusal.
So did my sister.
So now I fight. All I know how to do is fight. The best cash is in the states, so that's where I am now. A big fish called Vito came along offering me a "favor" when I arrived.
Another debt.
I paid for that one too.
I knew Kyla Hensley would be trouble when I met her. But I wanted her. I could see through the falsehood of her wannabe-slutty clothes and her sexy legs. So I chased her.
Besides, trouble is my middle name.

Kyla Hensley

I was brought up in privilege, but I lacked everything else. My father is a business tycoon who buys and sells and doesn't care who gets rolled over in the process.
I never knew my mother, and all I have of her is a photo with a note scrawled on the back in French saying "I'm sorry." The only Female Figure I had growing up is my dad's wife who is a bleach blond with seven boob jobs. We never bonded.
I drink. I party. I meet guys.
But I wasn't always like that.
I've had a string of lovers in the last few years, the worst and most recent of which was Vince Somerset. My best friend Vera was dating a guy called Rory Cansoom who is the opposite of Vince in so many ways, and yet so the same.
She and I hit the road for the summer, getting away from the two college psychos and just trying to have some fun.
But there's a funny thing about trouble, the more you run from it, the more it finds you.
Which is when I met the Debt Collector.
It was only supposed to be sex. He made that clear. I made that clear.
That's all it was supposed to be.
I never expected to fall in love. I never expected to fall so deeply, madly, uncomfortably in love with a man who is wrong, so wrong for me.
And unbelievably right.

Excerpt #1


I push my head back against the wall, not sure what’s coming, but not fighting it either.
“Who are you?” he repeats.
“I...I don’t know what you mean.”
“I see you at a bar in Texas, then I look for you all over Nashville. And suddenly you’re at my side in a hospital, following me into this warehouse. Who are you?”
“I didn’t follow you into the warehouse. You needed to pick up your truck, and you were stumbling.”
“So I wanted to make sure you were OK.”
And I want you to take my clothes off and I want us to live happily ever after. “That’s it.”
Logan grins, a deadly look for him with his dimples. “Don’t do that,” I say.
“Why not?”
Because you’re beautiful. “Just don’t.”

Excerpt #2


He stops. Lifts his head up again, still smiling. “You’re afraid,” he says.
“Of me.”
“And yet, you’re here.”
I clear my throat. “Y—yes.”
Because I’m an idiot. And you turn me on. And I’m an idiot. And you turn me on.

Excerpt #3


My hand slides over to his jeans unwittingly, rubbing his leg. “I want to kiss you again,” I say. I want to kiss you because you’ve taken my heart with your words and I need it back.

Excerpt #4


I have no desire to settle down.
I have no desire to make Kyla be the last woman I’m ever with.
But, damn it, I’d like to be given a chance to do those things. Does she even feel anything for me?
I know I do.
I feel something.
Not love. Something else.
Like I need her.
Like I’d stop breathing without her.
Like the sun would stop being so bright or the sounds of the world so sweet if she disappeared.

Excerpt #5


She’ll soften me.
She’ll break me.
But I don’t care.

Excerpt #6


“Tell me for real,” I say. “Tell me what I didn’t guess about you.”
Logan doesn’t answer, and already I’m regretting the question. I know something hurt him, but who am I to ask him about it so soon? I’m breaking my rule, I want to know him, I want to know everything about him.
He shifts his arm so that my head is no longer resting on it, leans forward.
I did overstep it, but I don’t care. Maybe this is the last time I’ll ever see him again, and I want to get everything I can out of it, not only the sex I’ll demand later.
He looks down at his feet, then at me.
He inhales a deep breath, and then he says something to me that will forever change the way I think about the world. He tells me a story that puts my own life in perspective, and makes me question what I’ve held dear, and what’s really important in life.
He tells me about how he lost his father. And his mother.
And why he fights.
And why he continues to fight. And what he really sees when he’s in that cage, the hate, the fury, the pain.
By the end of it all, my world is shattered, the floor is shaking, I have no stability.
By the end of it, I know one thing, and I know it to my core, my very fiber. And I don’t care if it’s too soon, I believe in intuition, I believe in it more now than ever.
The thing I know is this:
I love this man. I love him irrevocably. I love him more than I’ve ever loved anyone.
And I know I will lose him.
I know it. More intuition.
But I love his very soul.

Excerpt #7


I hold on to Logan with all the strength I can muster.
Somehow, if I let him go, I think I’ll drown.

Excerpt #8


She looks at me with eyes that say something to me. They’re the eyes of someone who’s realized something. Not happy, not excited, not sad. A bit of all of it. I think the word they use for that crazy mixture of emotions is Love.

 Content Warning

Not intended for readers under the age of seventeen.

New-Adult Romance
Sports Romance


About Rachel
Rachel Dunning hit the scene in August 2013 and is the author of the highly praised Naive Mistakes Series, Truthful Lies Trilogy, Johnny Series and the paranormal romance series, Mind Games.
A prolific writer, she sticks to stories where Alpha Males aren’t pricks and where women have guts.
She’s lived on two different continents, speaks three different languages, and met the love of her life on the internet. In other words, romance is in her blood.

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TITLE:  The Prophecy Of Shadows
AUTHOR: Michelle Madow
SERIES: Elementals Bokk 1
PUBLICATION DATE: January 26 2015
PUBLISHER: Dreamscape Publishing
SOURCE: Free ARC from Netgalley

Filled with magic, thrilling adventure, and sweet romance, Elementals is the first in a new series that fans of Percy Jackson and The Secret Circle will love! 

When Nicole Cassidy moves from sunny Georgia to gloomy New England, the last thing she expects is to learn that her homeroom is a cover for a secret coven of witches. Even more surprisingly … she’s apparently a witch herself. Despite doubts about her newfound abilities, Nicole is welcomed into this ancient circle of witches and is bedazzled by their powers—and, to her dismay, by Blake—the school’s notorious bad-boy.

Girls who get close to Blake wind up hurt. His girlfriend Danielle will do anything to keep them away, even if she must resort to using dark magic. But the chemistry between Blake and Nicole is undeniable, and despite wanting to protect Nicole from Danielle’s wrath, he finds it impossible to keep his distance.

When the Olympian Comet shoots through the sky for the first time in three thousand years, Nicole, Blake, Danielle, and two others in their homeroom are gifted with mysterious powers. But the comet has another effect—it opens the portal to the prison world that has contained the Titans for centuries. After an ancient monster escapes and attacks Nicole and Blake, it’s up to them and the others to follow the clues from a cryptic prophecy so that they can save their town … and possibly the world.

Nicole Cassidy discovers she's a witch and controls the fifth element. Along with her new friends, they will have to battle their way through a few quests and fulfill a prophecy.

Michelle Madow's writing is easy and fluid! The book was an okay read,,,not my favorite and not bad either! There were some things i liked and some things i didn't like, for example the main character, Nicole is not very likeable and sometimes quite unnatural. You find out your homeroom is a class full of witches, do you run out of the classroom, calm yourself, go back in and say "what the heck let's humour these people" and then start excelling at magic?

I loved the idea of magic stemming from colors and the way the author described using magic through colors was really unique and interesting! The plot was pretty simple, not many twists and quite predictable but not totally boring. It's an easy quick read if you're looking for a short and easy paranormal book. But i personally like mega detailed plots!

The insta-love ticked me off a little. Blake has a girlfriend and yet there is this immediate attraction with Nicole. And she's always like "oh i want him" and then "oh he has a girlfriend".

This is one of those books where you feel like you know and like the side characters better! Kate i loved! And i do feel a kind of budding romance between her and Chris! These two would be ADORABLE!

A nice quick and easy read but i don't think it's totally for me! However i'm sure many of you guys will probably enjoy it


TITLE: Crown Of Crimson
AUTHOR: Rose Reid
SERIES: The Afterlight Chronicles Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: January 5 2016
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
SOURCE: free ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

First Rule of the Cannon: Trust no one.

Aerietta Elony is destined for evil.
Born into a royal family, it was quickly discovered that she bore the Jezdah mark — an intricate tattoo meant to identify the Children of the Elements. To make sure his people never knew about the danger that hid in their midst, the king had his daughter sent to the leader of the Cannon, his order of assassins, where she would learn to become one of them.
No one was ever supposed to know what Aerietta was, where she came from, or what she was destined to become. She’s never worried what would happen if someone discovered her secrets. But when a neighboring kingdom attacks, and Aerietta is betrayed and captured, keeping her secret will mean the difference between life and death.
When the king of the neighboring land enlists her services to track down one of her traitor companions, she has no choice but to accept. But in order to find her former friend and make it back to the king with her head still attached to her shoulders, she’ll have to keep the enigmatic, inhuman Swordmaster in the dark, which proves to be more difficult than she could ever imagine.
Deception abounds, danger is just as prevalent, but even in this world of demons and magic, the only thing Aerietta fears is herself.
The Queen of Crimson accepts.


I didn't like shadow and bone but this had the same vibe and I LOVED IT!!

Arietta is a princess, but first of all an assassin. When she was born, her father found the mark on her back that signified she was The Girl Of The Elements, destined to bring destruction.,.he disowned her and sent her to become an assassin, without anyone else knowing. However, she is captured by her enemies and brought in front of her rival king who sends her on a quest to find and kill her betrayer in exchange for her freedom, and, all her crimes will be forgiven. Find and gut the dude that betrayed her and earn her freedom? Arietta is definitely willing to put aside her hatred for the king and follow up with his quest. But she will have to do so while hiding her true identity as the lost princess Cress, from the swordmaster and king that are searching for that very princess. But why do they want the princess? Why are they so determined to kill an assassin that helped their cause?

The plot becomes so much richer when the author introduces the idea of magic and the eradicated race of Afterlighters. We didn't learn that much about them in this book because we were eased into the world with the courts and monarchs but i'm guessing the second book will have more magic!


The book starts in the middle of the action when the king is dying and the kingdom is under attack. You immediately slip into Arietta's world of kickassery! She is deadly, she is strong and hell bent on finding the people who betrayed her and killing them. When she gets kidnapped, she goes out of her way to make things difficult for her captors and it just made me smile so much at her antics! This character-i just adore her! She had just the right amount of sass and arrogance and was never went gaga over Lyom.

I keep seeing her and Celaena from Throne Of Glass together! OMIGOD!! THE DEADLIEST AND AWESOMEST DUO EVER!!!!



THE DUDE IS FRICKIN DROOL WORTHY!!! He has the mystery thing going on and seems to be hiding a big secret! NO INSTA-LOVE! In fact pretty far from it! He was physically and mentally a perfect match for Arietta and was able to deal with all her antics! I was so eager to figure out what his deal was since he was always this emotionless rock but he would have these weird abilities that made us question if he was human or not.

Side characters-loved everyone of them! Quay is certainly intriguing me the most after that ending and i can't wait to figure out what he's all about. Prince Finnegan seems to have an uber important role in the next book! Jamas, i immediately loved! He was almost like this brotherly figure to Arietta.

The writing was never stiff and flowed perfectly. The plot was action-packed and thrilling! The fight scenes always had me on the edge of my seat because Arietta was just such a confident fighter i kept expecting something to go wrong and sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't-JUST WOW!

It's one of those books where you see no solution to and you cannot understand how the author will find a way out of the web she's created...and the execution always surprises you with its perfection! Arietta is the girl Lyom has to find, she is right under his nose. RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE. I kept asking myself why were they after a princess that had gone missing for years? And if he finds her he might have to kill her and what if her friend didn't betray her and if she doesn't kill him how will she be free and what about her kingdom and WHAT IF SOMEONE SEES HER MARK!

To conclude, this book was just PHENOMENAL to me! It did feel like it was going to be like Throne Of Glass but it quickly became it's own unique tale of betrayal and magic! I cannot wait to get my hands on Book 2 because these last chapters well...

HIGHLY recommended to all Grisha/ToG fans! This book is definitely one of my absolute favorites! it's gonna go in favorite books on the sidebar!


Book & Author Details:

Every Big & Little Wish by E.C. Moore
Published by: Booktrope Publishing
Publication date: October 20th 2015
Genres: Romance, Young Adult


E.C. Moore’s young adult novel, Every Big and Little Wish, opens in late spring 1970. Sixteen-year-old Jacy Wilbert’s Mom got promoted, so her parents sold their Victorian home in California and moved to a townhouse in Oregon.
Torn away from the only home she’s ever known, forced to leave her beloved German shepherd behind, Jacy feels misplaced. Exacerbating an already terrible situation, her dad runs off with the bombshell real estate agent who sold them their townhouse. And, just when it seems things can’t get any worse, her mom loses the stupid job they left California for in the first place and begins to drown her sorrows with pink wine, night after night. Jacy’s caught in the middle, struggling to maintain a relationship with her AWOL dad while tolerating his annoying, much-younger girlfriend.
Missing old friends back in California, and feeling like an outsider, Jacy needs to build a new social life in a new school. Not the sort of girl to wait around for what she wants to come her way, she sets her sights on Neil Wilder, the best-looking boy around.
Everything changes when Jacy Wilbert knocks on the wrong door.


When Elizabeth’s not writing feverishly, you will find her out walking or sightseeing. She’s crazy about coffee, books, cooking, good wine, cairn terriers, miniature ponies, historical houses, tapas, and witty people.

She resides in a fifties bungalow in Southern California, with her creative-director, hubba-hubba husband, a yappy blonde dog, and one feisty Chihuahua.

Author links:

  a Rafflecopter giveaway


TITLE: Mysrical-The Deadly Truth
AUTHOR: Michael Weekly
SERIES: The Mystical Series Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: December 8 2015
PUBLISHER: Limitless Publishing LLC
SOURCE: Free copy from Netgalley

When Eliza Rose found out she was a witch, she thought she’d be casting spells…

However, it turns out Eliza is on her way to becoming a mystical assassin. But first she has to start college with her best friend Dawn Roberts and her feline familiar Jared. If you think college is stressful, try finding your best friend being seduced—nearly to death—by a venomous fairy. Something is horribly wrong, and Eliza must find out what it is.

Knowing who’s who in the Mystical world can be a burden—or save her life…

Murderous mermaids, seductive fairies, and manipulative elves are terrifying enough, but pure witches can become corrupt…and they’re the most dangerous creatures of all. Eliza struggles to discover the source of this chaos, but is repeatedly attacked—and saved by a shadowy figure. On a very personal note, Eliza must learn whether corruption is beginning to claim her mother.

Her strongest ally might be handsome, enigmatic Donovan—but he is hiding a shocking secret…

Donovan wants nothing to do with his old gang—not after the things they’d made him do. But when he meets Eliza, he’s both frustrated by her amateur skills and impressed by her emerging strength, and he feels compelled to help her grow into the assassin she’s meant to be.

Every answer has a price, and there are beings born to corrupt the pure.

Eliza fights to master her skills before it’s too late, while Donovan must determine whether Eliza can be saved…or if she must die to keep her out of the hands of those who would use her powers to reign over all of Mystical.

Michael Weekly has written a super original take on your average witch story. 

The imagery was at times super vivid and  lyrical even, that you felt so completely immersed into this world of magic...and then the writing would just become a little stiff and awkward.

Eliza as a character doesn't really undergo any development although i liked her awkwardness and she's a character we can all relate to. But what i really irritated me is that at the very first page of the book, her mother tells her she's a witch. And that's fine because it jumps right into the action. What bothered me is that her mother refused to tell her anything else and Eliza just went along with it. I wanted to shake her and make her go after her mother or something!

Faeries. Elves and Mermaids. These creatures are sometimes presented as beautiful and other times super deadly. The scenes where this creatures were used were my favorite because they were really lively, action packed and tension filled! You never knew if they were gonna jump at Eliza or something.

I really really love the broomsticks! It is seriously the most awesome weapon in the book!

However, there were many things that just seemed to vanish from the plot and left you wondering "where the hell did that part go?" there were so many things that stopped making sense, Eliza would say one thing and the next moment she would say another as if she'd never said the first one, She also acted pretty stupid most of the time, especially when it came to her friend. Her reactions to things wasn't immature just plain dumb as if she didn't rationalize anything in her head.

I think this book has a lot of potential but i also think the publishing was rushed maybe, because some parts would not make sense at all and leave you completely confused. I've got to admit that during some scenes, the author's writing really shone and took on a whole new style. It really was magical! 


TITLE: House Of Royals
AUTHOR: Keary Taylor
SERIES: House Of Royals Book 1
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace Independant Publishing Platform
SOURCE: free review copy from Netgalley 

Every town has its history and skeletons, but Silent Bend, Mississippi’s are darker than most. Ruled from the shadows by the House—the immortal Born and their aging, enslaved Bitten—everyone knows not to go out after dark and that the police will never look into crimes involving blood.

Alivia Ryan didn’t know the man who claims to be her father through a will even existed until she inherits the Conrath plantation. Instead of the sleepy house she expects, she finds a mansion and a staff who look at her with fear in their eyes.

Ian Ward tried to kill Alivia the first time they met, and then insisted he train her to defend herself against the House, who he claims will try to manipulate and take her in for their own political reasons. And the growing attraction between them will threaten their lives—Ian is a sworn enemy of the House.

In Silent Bend, people disappear, the threat of a demented King and the legend of his resurrecting Queen hang over everyone’s heads, and proving loyalty means far more than blood. You’d better watch who you trust in this town…

Alivia, a normal girl discovers that she has inherited an estate in a town from her recently deceased father. She does not expect an enormous mansion with cooks, maids, a butler and chandeliers. Having never known she had a father, Alivia is desperate to know the man who has left her his house but when her research leads her to an old macabre scene, she discovers that her father was not the man she expected him to be. He was feared, and as she soon discovers, not a human, Alivia has not yet become a vampire but the house of vampires her father should have ruled wants to claim her, while she has to keep her feelings at bay for the hot vampire hunter who will soon become her enemy.

I'm going to give you a quick background info on the houses and all. So basically you have a king vampire and he had sons and they had sons etc...some of them went evil and they were killed. Now the houses are each ruled by a royal-a descendant of the king himself. The house of vampires at Silent Bend doesn't have a royal as a ruler so they've been kind of shunned by their society and disgraced. Alivia's father who should have ruled the house wanted nothing to do with them.

This is one of the most unique and entertaining books i've ever read about vampires. You've got this power struggle within the houses and with others. A ruthless king who's searching for his dead queen that resurrects once in a while. You've got so many things going on but not in an overwhelming way-it just made the story so much richer. There were myths and legends and a very in depth history that really made you realize that this wold of vampire politics runs deep.

I really liked Alivia, she was brave and a little reckless but sweet and determined. Ian was a pretty badass hunter and quite cocky but sometimes the author would portray him as sweet, innocent and vulnerable, I also really enjoyed Rath's character and the fatherly relationship he has going on with Alivia.

The house that Alivia should rule is one of the most fascinating factors of the book. You've got the ruler, Jasmine, who is not a royal but wants a royal to claim the house without her giving up her position. Talk about power thirsty! Then you have some other members, all unique and vicious. And they all hate Alivia! It will be interesting to see if she will be able to win them over.

My only problem with the book was that it was predictable, even the ending was. I would have liked some more twists or surprises...and also i wish we had a little more on the King and his search for his resurrected queen. I get that this book focuses more on the royal claiming a house part and i'm guessing the second book will explore more of the king part. I really hope we get to meet him, he sounds super scary and powerful!

A very enjoyable read if you're into vampires and royals!