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MIDNIGHT STAR                                                                                                                                            BY DANIELLE WARD

Goodreads Summary                                5 STARS!!!

Vegas Hart is walking a thin line between fact and fiction, only she doesn't know it yet. A star-gazing freak, musician and songwriter, a typical day in Vegas' life revolves around her music, her perfect boyfriend, Gage and trying hard not to take her mother's lack of parenting skills personally. But when a sexy professor subs for her astronomy class, the facts of Vegas' life turn into a twisted work of fiction, as sultry visions of him and her lead her to uncover she's not who she thought she was...not even close.
Vegas is forced to embrace her hidden identity as the physical embodiment of the Vega star, an immortal constellation and granddaughter of the gods. And although that would have been spectacular, especially considering that totally explained why she'd always felt spiritually connected to the stars, she discovers her destiny is to imprison a sinister predator threatening the immortal family she never knew existed.
If that isn't enough, add in an undying and passionate past love that threatens her current relationship, a serious bout with memory loss, three wicked sisters spinning a future Vegas yearns to change, and a moody Oracle and you've got a twisted romantic tale of epic proportions. In order to save her family, Vegas must accept her divinity and make gut-wrenching sacrifices that leave her questioning everything she's ever known.


Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy for an honest review!

This book was filled with action and romance! I love Greek mythology but this book had such a unique twist in it. It had constellations instead and it clearly showed how much research the author put into this. To think out such an amazing plot with those twists and turns just...WOW. The writing was beautiful; just simply breath taking. My favorite part had to be the library at Beck. i mean the description was just soo perfect and i just want that Library!! i want it bad people, very bad!!!! I loved the character development in this story. Vegas was just a normal whiny teen at first but then she merged into this fierce and intelligent goddess.

i don't really like love triangles because they make me so hopeful and i tend to go for the unlikely choice. But this book...it was just soooo refreshing to see that both guys had an equal chance with Vegas. It didn't make me feel like i knew who she'd choose in the end. Leo and Gage are both just perfect and real. I understand why Vegas loves them both equally. And i loved that the author stressed that she felt equally about them both. I know a lot of people will be Team Leo and i adore him, i really do. But... I have to say Gage won my heart<3

He was just so strong even if he was just a mortal. he was thrown into an unknown world with gods. he'd been kidnapped, trampled with by Circe and all he cared about was Vega. My heart was literally just swooning when Vega told him the whole truth. He just showed unwavering loyalty towards her, he didn't doubt her for a second! He loved her soo much he would believe anything he told her. He fought against a constellation, Leo, for Vega and that was just so courageous. He didn't demand answers from Vega, he was just simply there for her.
"Not as much as i love you, Vegas. I could live without the sun; i could even live without the moon, but i could never live without my midnight star."
That did it for me, I was on Team Gage even though i loved Leo.

Then came the last part of the book which was EPIC! And Gage was the hero of the story, i'm not exaggerating. and well the fight made me soo incredibly sad after what happened (Not gonna spoil people-just know it's full of emotion, awesomeness and shock) 

And then that epic cliffhanger that made my heart sore with hope...


and do you guys know what that means????

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