by - January 05, 2015

Glitter text generator

So i've been trying for weeks to create a header but they just didn't come out right...I was using Picmonkey and getting really frustrated and finally last night i designed one that i love!!! I also had to change and design a new button to match :) hope you guys like and share the button-you'll find it on the right sidebar if you're interested!!

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  1. LOVE the new header and the Blog Button!!! Gorgeous! Awesome girl! I'm grabbing your button! :D
    Eclectic Introspections @ Flickering Lights

  2. thank you! and thanks again for the button help :P

  3. These are gorgeous! When I created my blog I considered something similar to this, great minds think alike ;)

    Most recent post:

  4. I really love the colors of your header! Beautiful!


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