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Hey everyone!!!! Yes i am alive!!! Sorry for not posting for a while but i have mocks coming up in about a month and these will be my last exams before A levels so i had TONS of work to do!!!
So i will be posting a review hopefully tomorrow and i've got a few things lined up!

But for today i just wanted to say that though my desk is an avalanche of maths and literature and chemistry-I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT STOP READING MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

I messed up big time in my O level mocks two years ago because i'd been obsessed with my ereader and could absolutely not put it down! This year is the same..except i'm being more responsible *coughs* and studying a lot! Seriously! I even did some chem in my every day life-i susbtituted some sleeping time for reading time and car rids are book time!! so is waiting-for-my-mom-while-she-shops time 😂

I was so determined to put aside books for this term but what books broke apart my resolution and shattered my will? Pfft. I htink you guys know th…