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TITLE: Redemption From Ashes
AUTHOR: Megan Linski
SERIES: The Kingdom Saga Book 3
PUBLISHER: Gryfyn Publishing
SOURCE: ARC from author

Goodreads Summary

Her destiny will cost her everything.

It has been three years since Queen Bennua last saw the devil himself flee her borders, and her kingdom warily stands watch. Sahrahn has fallen into chaos, with rumors of countries being flattened at the wrath of Akshalad, the great eagle who seeks to devour the souls of men. Cities burn, entire communities are slaughtered, and Bennua’s faith in Alshams’ is shaken to its core as she witnesses cruelties beyond all imagining. With her beloved Raider Prince by her side, Bennua finds that she is to play a crucial role in a great battle between djinn, men, and angels, a fight that will determine the fate of the world. Carrying the future of Sahrahn, Bennua’s only hope is not revenge...but redemption.

Bennua has lived for three years knowing that her kingdo…


Hi everyone! So since i don't have any reviews scheduled for the next couple of days i thought i would so some fun tags! I found this tag @ Crazy For YA and i thought it was super fun and wanted to give it a try so here goes :P

What is your most inexpensive and expensive book? (I'm not taking into consideration ebooks)

Inexpensive would be Angelfall by Susan EE, there was a sale going on + my loyalty card i paid only Rs100!

Most expensive would definitely be Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge! Ever since i saw the cover i was totally obsessed and got this idea in my head that i would own this book in hardcover, obviously they didn't have it here so i had to order it online+shipping it came to about Rs 800, that's really expensive here. (about $23 i think) I don't regret it one bit-it's my guilty pleasure :P

What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Tough one! But i'd definitely have to go with Pippa Dacosta! She's one of my absolute favorite autho…


Hello everyone!! So i was watching some Booktube videos and i found the one's where Booktubers say wich books they have abandoned and i really wanted to share with you guys! Please don't get offended if it's a book/series you like but be sure to comment below!

Okay so book 1

A thousand Nights By E.K. Johnston! Okay so i received the ARC from Netgalley a few months back, and i was sooo excited to have been approved because i've heard A LOT of hype about this book...But i was just so disappointed. I don't know if maybe it's because i'd just finished The Wrath & The Dawn, which is also a retelling (find my review here) and it was just amazing, i couldn't help but compare it to this book. But ultimately i don't think that's the reason because i've read loads of different versions of a fairy tale and i do compare them but it doesn't usually affect my whole view of the book. So basically this book's plot was super intriguing and super…


TITLE: Discovery
AUTHOR: Kristin Ravelle
SERIES: The Iron Web Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: October 21 2015
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
SOURCE: Free copy from author in exchange for honest review

Goodreads Summary

Bryn’s never been a regular sort of small town Welsh girl. She’s intrigued with ancient manuscripts, scrolls, and arcane secret books. When Penrith University library acquires the mysterious N800 texts, being junior librarian gives her quick access to the texts and she starts to spend all her spare time studying their strange and frightening message.

The very secretive Luxent is also interested in the N800. Daveithe draws Bryn into the underground group as they fear that One Earth Dynamic, the global agency that tracks all human life, has insidious ties to an ancient evil written about in the N800 and they need her help to expose it.

Terrifying secrets about One Earth Dynamic are brought to light when gorgeous OED fugitive, Curran Reithe, runs to Luxent for sanctuary. And B…