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Hello everyone!
So first of all., i'm honored that you might be considering me for a review...I want to apologize for any emails i haven't responded to during the past few months but i was overwhelmed with schoolwork and finishing my university applications...Thankfully, i'm back in the blogosphere and will be accepting reviews! I apologize again if i have not responded!

  • I always read the books that have been sent to me within two weeks. 
  • I always send links to my reviews directly to the senders as soon as i'm done. 
  • I've had a few situations when i had a lot of authors seeking reviews as well as ARC's from netgallery at the same time and if this happens, i let the author know my review will be posted within the next week (not later).
  • My reviews are always HONEST. Positive or negative-i include both in my reviews.
  • I read all kinds of YA but i'm not very much into dystopias. I only read paranormal, fantasy, historical romance, retellings and contemporary. Actually every book i read kinda needs some romance! I sometimes read NA depending on the synopsis of the story.
  • Please don't request a review for adult/erotica/non-fiction/dystopia books!

Any format is okay for me-i have a converter, I would LOVE paperbacks or hardcovers if you're offering any and I live in London! This is my address :

Kariny Venkatasamy
23 Wyndham Appartments
60 River Gardens Walk 
Greenwich London
SE10 0TY